Learn How To DOMINATE and WIN Verbal Confrontations


"I wish I had had this course sooner."
-Richard B, Author

In Verbal Domination: The Weapons of Verbal Combat, you will learn:

  • Framing and frame control;
  • Psychological warfare techniques;
  • How to identify, hone in on, and verbally attack your opponent's weaknesses;
  • Over TWENTY-ONE devastating, time-tested, and easy-to-implement verbal techniques/formulas (aka weapons) that allow you to dominate and win verbal confrontations; and
  • All that and so much more about the art of verbal warfare.

You will also learn the non-verbal communications necessary to excel at verbal confrontation, since non-verbal communications cannot be separated from verbal communications. 
Inside, you will also learn exercises that will help you become cooler, calmer, and more collected under pressure, along with exercises to help you reinforce all that you learn in Verbal Domination.

In life, business, career, social situations, and maybe even your love life, there will be times when you are put to the test verbally by other people, and Verbal Domination will teach you all the skills and tactics you need to ensure other people never trifle with you again!
In far too many situations in life, you have to be armed with the verbal skills necessary to put people in their place, or to escape sticky, stressful situations. 

Excelling in verbal warfare is NOT optional.

Yet, this is not information or intelligence you will learn in school. Learning how to engage in verbal combat in a cool, sophisticated, and most importantly, effective way just isn’t taught anywhere.
I didn’t even learn any of this in my three years in law school and in many years as a junior corporate lawyer. I had to learn it through the school of hard knocks.
Not everyone is lucky to have someone who’s like a big brother to you, willing to pass down crucial life lessons, but now you are.
Here are some rave reviews about Verbal Domination:

-"One year ago I had my first encounter with someone who verbally attacked me. That hadn't happened since high school. Until I turned 18, I was able to solve my problems with my fists, right up until the day I was sent away to the bad kids' school. However, in adult life, that's just not possible.

Verbal conflict always frightened me because I didn't understand it. I always felt that I'd say the wrong thing and get laughed at, and because physical fighting isn't possible, the feeling festered...

So, one year ago I got my ass kicked verbally in a very public way as I was caught off guard, and ever since that day I kept looking for a way to make sure that never happens again.

Eventually I found Min Liu's website and I downloaded his ebooks, but they didn't give me anywhere near the quality that his "Verbal Domination" course offered. However, everything about his knowledge painted him as an expert, and so I invested in "Verbal Domination."

My goal now is to listen to the material every week to get it firmly planted in my head, and to do the practice tip at the end: go out and LOOK at people to see how I'd "Frame" them. (Check out his course to find out what exactly that means. It's probably not what you're thinking.)

Here's to Min Liu for making this difficult-to-find information available to everyone!" -D.N., USA
-“I am an Italian lawyer. I applied the techniques that you mentioned in my work and they really work. All my respect for your work!” –Matteo, Italy

-"I apply all the things that you teach in my career as a lawyer, and it's really helped me."  –A.M., USA


Any questions?
Check out the FAQs below and if you still have questions, feel free to e-mail me at

What's included?

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Introduction To Verbal Domination
Introduction To Verbal Domination.mp3
4 mins
The Framework For Verbal Domination
The Framework For Verbal Domination.mp3
1 min
Ingredient #1: Frame Control
Ingredient #2: Rules of Engagement
More On Playing With The Time Element.pdf
17.6 KB
Ingredient #2: Rules of Engagement.mp3
5 mins
Ingredient #3: Optimal Targeting
Ingredient #3: Optimal Targeting.mp3
2 mins
Ingredient #4: Indirectness
Ingredient #4: Indirectness.mp3
4 mins
Ingredient #5: Psychological Warfare
Ingredient #5: Psychological Warfare.mp3
5 mins
Ingredient #6: Specific Techniques
Ingredient #6: Specific Techniques.mp3
1 min
The Twenty One Specific Techniques
Technique #1: The Fake Out
Technique #2: Clubs, Teams, & Groups
Technique #3: The Made Up Backstory
Technique #4: "Translation"
Technique #5: Future Projection
Technique #6: Says Someone
Technique #7: Negation
Technique #8: Redirection
Technique #9: Deliberate Misinterpretation
Technique #10: Devalidation
Technique #11: Unflattering Comparisons
Technique #12: Selective Misinterpretation
Technique #13: Absurdify The Subject
The Definitve Guide To Absurdity (From The Hank Moody Guide To Wit)
83.3 KB
Technique #14: The Snarky Call Out
Technique #15: Tactical Tripwires
Technique #16: Playing With Emotions
Technique #17: Parallelism
Technique #18: Framing Metaphors
Technique #19: The Indirect Threat
Technique #20: Irony
Technique #21: Same Content, Different Form
Frame Control
Introduction To Frame Control
Introduction To Frame Control.mp3
3 mins
Your Opponent's Frame
Your Opponent's Frame.mp3
8 mins
List of Potential Opponent Frames.pdf
767 KB
Your Frame
Your Frame.mp3
7 mins
Situational Frames
Situational Frames.mp3
14 mins
Deconstructing Your Opponent's Argument
Deconstructing Your Opponent's Argument.mp3
4 mins
Turning Shit Into Gold: How To Deal With Bad Facts / Weak Positions
Turning Shit Into Gold: How To Deal With Bad Facts / Weak Positions.mp3
15 mins
Finishing Up
Putting It All Together
Putting It All Together.mp3
5 mins
Exercises: Reinforcing What You Just Learned
Exercises - Reinforcing What You Just Learned.mp3
4 mins
Sample Answers To Exercises
Sample Answers To Exercises.mp3
3 mins
Keeping In Touch
Keeping In Touch.mp3
1 min


We give aspiring badasses the most essential tools, strategies, and skills they need (but never learned in school) to live and have an extraordinary life.


Do I need to download the course materials for Verbal Domination?

No. You will gain access to the course via an interactive platform and you can complete each lecture separately and monitor your progress online. You will be able to download audio files if you want to listen in the car or elsewhere.

How much time does Verbal Domination require?

Verbal Domination will take you roughly 2-3 hours to go through for the first time. This time can be split up of course, so you certainly don't have to complete it in one sitting. However, I also recommend that you review this material at least once a month (so 2-3 hours/month) for the next 12 months. You should also be practicing this stuff daily. The course materials will always remain available to you, so you're welcome to pursue the course at a slower pace. If you're too busy right now, you're also welcome to start the course when you have more time to devote to it.

After I purchase Verbal Domination, can I ask you questions about the content?

Of course! Just e-mail me at and I'll be happy to answer your questions about Verbal Domination personally.

Can I take this course on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes of course! The platform that this course is delivered on is accessible through any mobile browser and lessons are tracked and easily accessible and mobile friendly.

How can I pay for Verbal Domination?

We take credit card and PayPal.

How long do I have access to the course? Am I entitled to updates?

How does lifetime access (to the course and to updates) sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to Verbal Domination (and any updates that are added to the course) for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What kind of results can I expect from Verbal Domination?

As always, I never promise a "magic pill". It is my belief there are no magic pills. These tactics, techniques, and verbal weapons will require a lot of practice on your part in order to internalize them. In addition, changing your non-verbal communications will take time, sometimes months and even years. Having said that, with daily and concerted practice, I promise that you will see results over time. You will become more confident, more self-assured, and more relaxed in every situation in life. Why? Because you will know that you can handle it. Not just handle it, but crush it! All it requires is for you to practice and to keep this stuff at top of mind. You’ll find yourself become verbally sharper over time, I promise. You’ll surprise yourself when it becomes effortless without you even realizing.

When will you offer Verbal Domination again?

I won't offer Verbal Domination again for at least one year. If you want to excel in verbal combat/verbal warfare, and who doesn’t, this is your only chance. Remember: You retain access to this material for life, so even if you don't have time now to go through the course, you can begin anytime.

Who is Verbal Domination for?

This course is for anybody who is frequently verbally attacked or insulted by others. This course is also great for people who are constantly debating others or engaging in verbal confrontations. The only people this course is NOT for is anybody who will misuse this valuable intelligence!

How is Verbal Domination different from your verbal self defense course?

Verbal Domination is more about the OFFENSIVE side of verbal confrontations, whereas my verbal self defense course focuses on the DEFENSIVE side of verbal confrontations. In my verbal self defense course, you will learn how to defend yourself in a PROPORTIONATE manner, which means focusing more on deflecting as opposed to attacking. For some people, the verbal self defense course is adequate. However, Verbal Domination is about attacking and going on the offensive, especially DISPROPORTIONATE verbal attacks. In other words, dominating and winning verbal confrontations. In Verbal Domination, you will also learn about how to debate substantive topics in Verbal Domination, which is not a focus of my verbal self defense course.

Is there a money-back guarantee for Verbal Domination?

Absolutely. I am so confident that you will get what you need from Verbal Domination, that I am more than happy to provide a refund if it’s not everything you hoped it would be. My only request is that you email me at within 7 days of purchase and let me know specifically what about the course was not up to your expectations.