Almost everyone knows that Gary Vee is a great speaker and communicator.

We just went through a case study of his famous "Monday Morning Video".

It's immediately clear to anybody who's seen Gary Vee speak that he knows how to transfix a crowd.

But, this next video is from someone who I never thought of as a great speaker.

In fact, I never really thought about him at all (although I've certainly heard of him).

I didn't even know he spoke in front of audiences until very recently.

And that someone is Tim Tebow, the college football Heisman Trophy winner from 2007.

Tebow was a great American college football player, but never amounted to much as a professional player.

His professional career ended pretty much as soon as it started and I think at some point, he transitioned to trying to play pro baseball.

Which also ended pretty much as soon as it started.

He's known as a good, but not great athlete.  Not great enough to be known for his athletic prowess.

Not great enough to make a long career out of it.

Instead, Tebow is known more for wearing his religion on his sleeve, and also known for being a handsome, above-average looking athlete.

I'm not a college-aged girl and I'm not religious, nor am I a University of Florida football fan, so I never had any feeling or love for Tim Tebow. 

No feeling whatsoever.  Neither positive, nor negative.

I was completely neutral about him.  Okay, maybe slightly biased against him since he seemed to get a lot of attention for being only someone only very slightly accomplished as an athlete.

Having said that, I never thought of him one way or another, especially as a motivational speaker.

But one day, as I was working out in my gym, I happened to click on this YouTube video to play in the background because for some odd reason, I wanted to know if Tim Tebow had anything good to say.

I didn't think he would.

But, as I was doing some heavy squats, his words in the background touched me.

I stopped mid-squat, paused my workout, rewound the video to the beginning, and watched the entire thing.

Which really surprised me.

And, his words made such an impact on me, I watched it again.

I couldn't forget the underlying message of this talk.

I don't think I ever will forget his message and that's  because his message was excellent.

But, a lot of people have expressed the message he conveyed in this talk before and it never hit home for me.

So, what was it about his message that resonated with me?!

I have no reason to be automatically attracted to Tebow's words.

I have no reason to think of him as someone who has the "halo effect".

("Halo effect" refers to a type of cognitive bias in which our overall impression of a person influences how we feel and think about his or her character.)

As I said, I'm not a college girl, I'm not religious, and I'm not a fan of his athletic prowess or teams.

So, it was his message and most importantly, HOW THAT MESSAGE WAS STRUCTURED AND DELIVERED that both got my attention, kept it, and most importantly, made a big and lasting impact on me.

So, let's watch the video and then I will analyze why it's impactful and the lessons you can glean from it.


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